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Secret Agenda • 2018 rpg

Seth Johnson • www.inkslinger.org

A 200-word RPG of action and distraction.
by Seth Johnson

You are Engima Agents using your secret skills on missions to save the world. Record your codename and three skills numbered 3-5. Each Agent is issued 3d6.

The Mission begins with one Agent the Nemesis who confronts each Agent with a Challenge in turn. When you face a Challenge, roll your dice; each 6 and each result matching one of your skills is a success, and you must honestly describe how you achieved success without fully divulging the nature of the skills used to succeed. Each 2 is given to the Nemesis. Each 1 is lost. Matching skill successes let you take a die from the Nemesis, describe how that skill defeated the Nemesis, and become the new Nemesis. 

If only the Nemesis has dice, you fail the mission. Defeating the Nemesis three times completes the mission. Write your assessment of other Agents' skills, then reveal your own. For each secret skill you successfully determine, you earn one point. For each skill an Agent keeps secret, they earn three points. The Agent with the most points plus dice wins.

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