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Lycan Subscribe: Werewolf Vloggers • 2018 rpg

Tim Jablonski • @timjabs

If you're gonna be the next LOGAN PAWL, you'll need one stopwatch, and paper for each werewolf. Write down your vlog name. Mark 5 fans and 0 haters. 

	Introduce yourself and your vlog to the pack. Create a catchphrase.

	On your turn, choose a vlog type and start the stopwatch.  Vlog up to 2 minutes. Say "Cut" and stop the timer. You succeed if the rightmost digit on the stopwatch is 6+. If you discuss trending topics, succeed on 4+.  

Trending Topics
	-Fur Care
	-Howling Techniques
	-Moon Appreciation
	-Silver awareness
	-First transformation

You can capitalize on each trending topic once.

On a 9, +5 fans and create a new trending topic.

Vlog Types:

Bark - Everyday vlogging about werewolf life.
	Success: +3 Fans  
	Failure: +1 Hater

Howl - Wolfing out with daring stunts.
	Success:  Double Your Fans
	Failure: +8 Haters

Snarl - Accuse another vlogger with more fans of a scandal. 
	Success: +Fans equal to theirs
	Failure: +Fans equal to their haters

After vlogging, ANYONE may give you a "like" and +1 Fan.

	If you reach 50 fans, you're famous! 
If you have more haters than fans, they hire hunters to end your career. You may always start a new character and vlog.

Author Comments

This was made so much better with the help of other people. Thanks to IRL friend Alex, as well as STGGrant, TyrRev, and starkingwest from the subreddit! The game is much more fun for their efforts.

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