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The President Has Been Kidnapped by Ninjas • 2018 rpg

Casey G. • no link

This is pretty cool, so you want to buy these ninjas some booze. But they're ninjas, you have to find them. If you give the ninjas booze, you win.
The GM secretly rolls 1d6+6. the player needs to roll this number to find the ninjas.
Look for Ninjas 1d6:
1. Secret Service! Fight or run!
2. You remember you left your cash at home and go get it. Get $$.
3. Liquor store. $$ to buy booze.
4. Yakuza! Fight or run!
5. Clue. Each clue +1 to next roll.
6. A ninja! Roll 1d6. 1-2 clue. 3-4 the Yakuza are following, 5-6 secret service. Fight them to get a clue.
Fight 1d6
1-2. You're hurt! If hurt again, you're dead. Fight or run.
3-4. You're hurt but kill your enemy! If hurt again you die.
5-6. You kill your enemy!
Run Away 1d6
1-4. Get away!
5-6. Fight!
If you kill your enemy roll 1d6
1-2. $$
3-4. Booze
5-6. Weapon. +1 to fight.
Drink booze if you're hurt to not be hurt anymore. But then you don't have booze.

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