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Upright - a Paleolithic RPG • 2018 rpg

Rob Stevenson •

You are Homo Erectus - upright man. Gather round the fire and share the tales of your tribe.

Gameplay takes place in scenes. Each scene one player takes a turn as the storyteller - they set the
scene, decide what the tribe must achieve and determine any required tests and their outcomes. At
the end of their scene, the storyteller rejoins the tribe.

Players have four stats rated 1 to 4: Head for thinking, Body for power, Hands for manipulating, Legs
for moving. Divide 10 stat points amongst them.

Test to do anything harder than walking, talking or eating. Roll under your rating on 1d6 to succeed.
If you fail a test, lose a point of the tested ability. Points refresh fully at the end of a scene.

Communication between players is strictly restricted to spoken one syllable words, gesturing and
drawing pictures. If you breach this rule, lose a point of Head. If Head is reduced to nil, you may no
longer talk but only grunt, gesture and draw. The storyteller has no communication restrictions.

Storyteller ideas

1: We need Fire
2: Hunting a Beast
3: Migrating home
4: War with neighbours
5: Chief is dead
6: Crossing the sea

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