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Witches of the Valley of the Wind • 2018 rpg

Noah Schoenholtz •

Incomprehensible HORRORS infiltrate our world. Insinuating into human problems, they feed on terror and hatred. The longer they're ignored, the stronger they grow, twisting their surroundings.

Most humans can't perceive HORRORS; piercing the fog destroys sanity. You, rescued by WITCHES, have trained to rescue others. HORRORS never die, but bargaining, cleverness, and sacrifice may weaken their hold to be sealed away. Violence may be required for humans twisted irrevocably.

Each player names their WITCH and describes two abilities:

* HIGHLIGHT: hopeful / inspiring 
* SHADOW: costly / shameful 

Choose two differently-colored dice: one HIGHLIGHT, one SHADOW. The player holding them is LEAD.

Begin with DISCOVERY:
LEAD declares a THEORY about the setting, HORROR, or side-characters. THEORIES are true until disproven. Pass left and repeat until ready for ACTION.

Move into ACTION:
The LEAD narrates a scene. Other players share suggestions and dialogue, including side-characters. When any player flags danger or drama, ROLL -- then pass left to the NEW LEAD.

ROLL both dice, then choose HIGHLIGHT or SHADOW, tinting the outcome appropriately.

Explain how a THEORY helps to re-roll, once.

#      | Narrator | Outcome
6      | LEAD     | Success
2-5    | NEW LEAD | Success with consequences
1      | NEW LEAD | Terrible

NEW LEAD may re-initiate DISCOVERY instead of continuing ACTION.

Author Comments

Inspired by Nausicaa, Monster Portraits, Dogs in the Vinyard, Nightmares Underneath, despair, hope. I hope my monospace table survives…

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