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Merlin's Marvellous Mages. • 2018 rpg

Oliver Pawsey •

As you know; you are a powerful wizard in the city of Camelot during the reign of King Arthur, and are at the behest of the realm to solve magical matters too trivial for Merlin- rescuing maiden's from wyverns, solving disputes with the fey etc.
Now, sorcerers like you solve all their problems and tasks with Magic, why else would they be a magician? You have a starting pool of 50 Magic Points; this represents your spells and vitality. In order to cast a spell you must describe what Magic you wish to perform, and spend a number of Magic Points - for each point spent roll 1d6. 4 and above is a success, 3 and below is a fail. 6s explode into more dice, and rolling a 1 creates an unforeseen consequence to the magic. The more successes the better the spell.
Your magic is limited to your theme. You pick a colour; the colour is your Warlock's theme, any/all Magic you do you must justify as being part of your theme.  I.e. Red equals fire, anger, etc.
You must also pick a mundane hobby, 10 minutes doing this regains you 1d6 magic points.

Author Comments

I thought it was funny to use as many different words for a magic user as possible.

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