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The Colony Ship RPG • 2018 rpg

Matthew Rhodes • no link

You are all commanders on a colony ship looking for a new place to call home. Your current star is about to go supernova, which will make the whole system uninhabitable. Recently, your captain has caught an unknown illness and is being kept in stasis until a cure is discovered. During this time, the commanders have been put in charge of the ship.

Player's will create their own commander by giving them a name and choosing its race (human, alien or anything else). They will then decide if the commander gets a Physical Boost or a Mental Boost.

When a commander attempts something that requires a skill check, The game master decides if it's a physical check or a mental check. The commander will then roll a die (d6). If they have the matching boost for the skill check, they can add 1 to the result. If the result is 4 or higher, they complete the task safely. Otherwise, The game master can decide if they've failed the task or something unfortunate happens while achieving the task.

One final thing, any decision regarding the entire ship or the mission needs a majority agreement from the commanders.

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