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Locus Amoenus • 2018 rpg

Evan Torner •

For 3 players using 4 leaves of paper and pens

Each player spends some time drawing their own pleasant outdoor place, one that feels peaceful. Tear the 4th sheet of paper in half and write "Minne" on one half, "Liebe" on the other.

Players will play 2 knights (of any gender) and 1 maiden across 3 different outdoor scenes. The knights are torn between feelings of courtly, spiritual love (Minne) and lustful, physical love (Liebe). The maiden can have any motivation the player chooses. Name these characters, and imagine their backstories.

A scene may contain 3 characters, but is always ultimately between 2 characters.
Set the first scene in one of the drawn outdoor places. A character relaxes there, another arrives. Converse in lofty, poetic language: "Sire" "thou" "wherefore." Later, the player not in the scene points to "Minne" or "Liebe" once for each character, indicating the direction the scene should take. They can conflict. Both parties shall consent to an ending to the scene, and then draw their characters and that ending on that outdoor place.

Do it again with each other outdoor place, resulting in 3 scenes and 3 drawings.
Bow and clap.

Author Comments

Inspired by the courtly lyric poetry of Walther von der Vogelweide.

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