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The Wake • 2018 rpg

Katriel Paige •

Players: at least 1 
Judge, also called a Bard: 1 
Total Needed: 2 minimum: 7 maximum

Arrange chairs equal to number of players + 1. Therefore if using 1 player, 2 chairs should be used. The Judge places a notecard with a Quality in each chair. Qualities can be a single word or single phrase such as "kind to pets" or "former alcoholic" but only one Quality can be on any one card. 

Play: a Player tells a story involving that Quality in some way. The Quality cannot be from their own chair/card. 

All players go until every Player has spoken. If a Player's card is not read - such as Player A being able to read the card of Seat B but Seat B has no player to read Player A's card- the Judge seems that Player a Ghost, the Judge reads the Ghost's Quality, and the Ghost retiree from the game without a story. 

The goal is to tell more Stories than the number of Ghosts. If the number of Ghosts exceeds the number of Stories, the Judge turns out the light and all leave the room. 

Author Comments

First time participating so very nervous!

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