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The Old Stories are Coming True, Now • 2018 rpg

Jesse Cox • https://plus.google.com/112234386288014033364

There's magic in folktales, in embodying their characters and following their narratives and knowing their symbols. But there's danger, too.

Draw seven cards.

Tell everyone who you are.

Two Folktales:

What's vital in this dawning age? Each of you! Everyone also names one more. From those,  you...


To change the world, tell a tale.

To begin a tale, play RED into a new pile and say what you hope, and what bars you.

Anyone (including you!) may play cards and pose a trial that changes the story: you may accept the changes (and cards) into the pile, or overturn them and discard that number of cards, from your hand or pile.

Discard BLACK to ask a question.  Another gives truth: if you use it now, draw three.

When each tale is concluded, count cards and speak of your loves, fears, hates, cravings.  They, and the world, may change.  Deal out the pile and the discards, then draw three.

Several tales may unfold at once. No cards? All done.

Cards:          RED achieves the...     BLACK affects...        EITHER touches...
3               ...Heroic                          ...families, seasons    Another's mind
7               ...Epic                              ...towns, years             Ghosts / Spirits
17             ...Transcendent            ...cities, generations

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