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Something Like Bucko • 2018 rpg

Taylor Smith •

You discover a discarded nickname on the side of the road. It sounds something like "bucko." It's well-loved, but no longer fits its person. You try it on: strange, but comfortable. You feel like someone else.

Each player writes three nicknames on papers; shuffle them in a large mug. One player says, "I found a nickname on the way here." They draw a nickname, say the first feelings they think of, and wear it--not just the name, but the love and hate within it. They don't know who it belonged to, just its feelings and memories. They tell the rest of story of arriving here, wearing these new experiences.

Another player asks to try it on. They describe new feeling and memories from the nickname. Players, in turn, try on the name and share its history. Players invent these experiences, but must relate them back to the name. Only refer to the nicknamed player by the nickname.

Consider the feeling of being called something you didn't ask for, compared to your name and things you've been called, with their own feelings and memories. Players exchange playing the role of this name and, maybe by the end, someone keeps it.

Author Comments

Thanks to Aura Belle for hosting the bracket to decide their new nickname and to my brother for calling me Rachel for most of my life.

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