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Divas in Space • 2018 rpg

Erin Hawley •

It's the year 2200, and micro-gravitational space hotels are the latest travel fad. A hotel and spa orbiting Mars is opening soon, and a retired troupe of opera singers have the vacation on their bucket list. Since it's their first time off Earth, the women hire your travel agency to scope out the hotel to ensure the station is accessible for aging folks wanting to enjoy weightless cruising.

How to Play:

You need a GM, 2 to 4 players, and two d20s.

The hotel manager (GM) shows the agents (players) deluxe guest suites, restaurants, the spa, and more. Players make up ways the hotel is inaccessible for the divas. They must then offer a solution for each location. The GM decides if the solution is feasible by rolling a d20. 11 and up is a success. If players fail, they think of another solution and roll their d20 to counter. Success is a roll higher than the GM's initial roll. If players fail three times in a row (including GM rolls), the divas fire your travel agency with dramatic flair. If players can solve 7 access barriers, the divas pack up their 20 suitcases each and book the trip!

Author Comments

My inspiration for this game was my love of Star Trek and divas, and my commitment to disability justice.

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