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LOOPS • 2018 rpg

Jesse Ross •

You don't live here.

EIGHT: You've been in this house before. If you don't remember it, describe it. If you do, say how things have changed. Notice the photos of strangers that line the walls.

SEVEN: You hear activity in another room. Investigate. What banal thing are these strangers doing? Try to get their attention by (pick 1): causing a chill, misplacing something, whispering through static. Why don't they notice you?

SIX: A door slams. It's your ex-lover. If you seek him out, say how and proceed. If not, go back to SEVEN. 

FIVE: You see two people: your ex-lover and a stranger. You haven't seen your ex-lover recently. What new thing do you notice about him? The stranger sees you and screams.

FOUR: Your ex-lover is (pick 1): crying, muttering, raging. What does he say?

THREE: Try to talk him down. What do you say? It never works. Describe his gun as he pulls it out.

TWO: Do you threaten to leave? If so, say it and proceed. If not, go back to SEVEN. 

ONE: Why were you leaving him? Does the bullet hurt? Describe the darkness. Is it warm? Cold? Regretful? Vengeful? Everything disappears. Go back to EIGHT.

Author Comments

Special thanks to Sid Icarus and Kate Bullock for their support and insightful comments. This game is infinitely better because of the both of you.

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