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Two People F*** in a Spaceport • 2018 rpg

Shannon Dapper •

A two player game where two people meet at a spaceport to fuck. Who they are, what they are and why they're going to fuck is up to you. Why in space? Why not???


A timer
A random number generator

DISCUSS together who your characters are and how intimate your game will be. Negotiate this!
Set the timer for one hour (or an agreed time). Play your characters meeting in public and catching up.

DESCRIBE to each other:

The surroundings of your meeting

How you present yourself differently to meet them

Where you last met and how long ago

How you leave to go to the hotel

When the hour is up, take a break! Discuss together what you hope will happen next. Plan it! Your characters certainly have been...

Next, randomly generate a number of minutes between 10 and 60 and set the timer. This is your time alone together. You may wish for more! You may find yourselves with too much.

Play until your timer rings, then you may have an additional sentence each.

AFTER, describe one thing you left behind: physical or not, intentionally or not.

(Want 3+ players? +50% to each time base per person!)

Author Comments

This game is written to be played over voice chat with someone you trust, someone you wish was in the room with you but isn’t. You may play it how you wish, but be aware of the timer, whether you hide it from you sight or have a cooking timer ticking down in front of you. Remember all your too-short visits, the nights in shared hotel rooms, the absences that make your fondness grow unbearable. And then let your space captains and robots and aliens and whatnot finally bone down so right.

(All thanks and love to my best friend Corv)

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