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Each player rolls D20 - highest roll is Game Master, second highest is BossHater. Rest are zombie-slaves. Maximum game duration is two hours. 

BossHater: you waste 7+1D6 hours of your life as a (roll D10 - "Profession"). You waste that time in a (roll D10 - "Place of Work"). Your boss is a (roll D8 - "Attribute") caricature of a person. Convert zombie-slaves (see below) to BossHaters and kill your boss. 

Zombie-slave: try to convince the BossHater of the folly of her ways. Roll as a BossHater, but select D4 "Excuses". 

GM: Set the scene and background; use D12 + situational modifiers for conflict

| Roll |  Profession   |Place of work  |Attribute      |              Excuse               |
|  1   |IT Professional|Church         |Sadistic       |"But I like my job"                |
|  2   |Teacher        |MegaCorp       |Deranged       |"I tend to slack a lot"            |
|  3   |Prostitute     |School         |Megalomaniac   |"It pays the bills"                |
|  4   |Priest         |University     |Overbearing    |" more year of this"         |
|  5   |Nurse          |Public service |Corrupt        |"It's all a big misunderstanding"  |
|  6   |Doctor         |Coffee shop    |Workaholic     |"The money is good"                |
|  7   |Accountant     |Prison         |Imbecile       |" ma is sick"                 | 
|  8   |Solicitor      |Fast food joint|Perfectionistic|"project too important to quit now"|
|  9   |Farmer         |Gym            |               |"Work is my duty"                  |
|  10  |Labourer       |Labourer       |               |"I hate my neighbours"             |

Author Comments

“Looks like someone’s got the case of the Mondays.” -

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