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A Story That Suits You • 2018 rpg

Tracy Barnett •

Gather with three other people. This is your cyberpunk story. 

Materials: Standard deck of 54 cards, Paper, Pencil

Assign roles: Heavy, Driver, Hacker, Punk

Choose a name. Call each other those names. Play your cyberpunk role.

Deal two cards to each person. The first suit is your Strength, the second, your Weakness.

Clubs = Power
Spades = Stealth
Diamonds = Smarts
Hearts = Empathy

Make a map of your city. Name it. Draw one landmark per player.

The person dealt the highest card goes first. Set a scene, including the other characters. Whomever sets the scene is the focus. When the scene reaches its climax, deal a card to the focus person.

The person in focus resolves the scene, using the suit as a lens. If it is their Strength or Weakness, emphasize those elements. Add a location to your map based on the scene.

Focus moves left.

Continue setting scenes until each person has been the focus of two scenes. 

Deal one last card. Resolve the story using the suit of that card as a lens.

Write down the characters and notes about the story. Play again when you want to.

Jokers are wild. 

Optional: Value of the card = Intensity of the lens.

Author Comments

Thanks very much to Stras Acimovic for the help and feedback!

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