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BUG • 2018 rpg

Zack •

You're a bug. What does it mean to be free, if we're enslaved by our nature? Three to six players.

One d6 dice / player
Hexagonal game mat


Character sheet:
Purpose: ooo


Scatter dice onto the map, turning the 'six' side facing up, each for a player and their starting health. Everyone selects two pieces of garbage out of the trashcan - a loved trash and a hated trash. Your hated trash must be larger, and both pieces must fit in one hand. Scatter everyone's trash on the grid. Like you, it's just organic matter.

On your turn, move exactly as many spaces as your health to a new space, no sharing spaces. End your turn as the only player adjacent to your loved trash, add one purpose 'o'. End on a space adjacent to your hated trash, scratch off one purpose. If both apply, nothing changes.

You may fight any bug in an adjacent space once per turn. When fighting, both players reduce health by one. If you go below one health, you die. There are no winners in combat, only survivors.

Collect ten purpose, you reproduce and die. With your purpose fulfilled, the game ends. You "win."

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Thanks Meg for helping me edit

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