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Vs. the World • 2018 rpg

Brian Bayes • no link

Create a Character
Take up to 3 Abilities. For every Ability you take, create a Flaw.
Decide on a Quest. Upon its completion, Level Up or Grow Up! Then think up a new Quest!

This game uses six-sided dice, which you roll when your character tries to do just about anything. You start the game with 2 Whatever Dice. If you have a relevant Flaw, then you only roll 1 Whatever Die. Each relevant Ability adds 1 Ability Die (just another six-sided die) to your pool. Now roll 'em! Your total is the highest number or the sum of multiples.

Challenges: "Easy" = 4, "Tricky" = 8, "Legendary" = 14,

If you win, narrate! If you lose, the GM narrates!

Level Up!
If you win a fight or do or say something cool, then you Level Up, and you gain a new Ability!

Grow Up!
If you own up to a Flaw or do something mature, you Grow Up! Get rid of one of your Flaws OR gain +1 Whatever Die!

If you lose a fight against someone nasty, then they're probably going to kill you. Sorry! If you die, just make a new character and get back in the game!

Author Comments

Thanks to Bryan Lee O’Malley for creating such a wacky world in Scott Pilgrim, which inspired this game.

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