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Clash of the Villans • 2018 rpg

Jason Hicks • @bleak_rising on twitter

2-6 players
A game of ploys and schemes.
Players write name, description, and quote of their Villain on index card.
Also On Card:
Tactic   Enemy   Weakness   Reputation#   Henchmen#   Plot
Players pass cards to their right and rank Reputation and Henchmen from 1-4.
All cards are collected, shuffled and dealt.
Players receive tokens equal to 10-(Reputation+Henchmen).
Player with the highest Reputation+Henchmen, Plotter, describes a plot for world domination.  Write a rank from 1-5 for Plot.
Other players add tokens to a pool to describe ways they will foil the Plot until everyone passes.  If token played, write a description in Tactic, Enemy, or Weakness slot.
Plot is foiled if pool equals rank, tokens leave play; if pool higher Plotter takes excess tokens. 
If pool is lower, Plot succeeds, Plotter adds points to Reputation+Henchmen for each token in pool, and other players reclaim tokens.  
Players receive one token if at zero after Plot resolves.
All cards are collected, shuffled and dealt.  Players keep current tokens.
Play repeats, highest Reputation+Henchmen goes first, previous Plotter cannot go consecutively.
Expand on new Plots using previous ones and filled-in slots. 
First player to Reputation+Henchmen=10 wins.

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