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The World Ends Behind You • 2018 rpg

Xalarion • no link

A game for 3 players.
This life falls behind you.
Together, you march away.


Describe the world:

Each player flips 2 coins, picking a word per the result.
Heads describes the world.
Tails describes the fall.

Don't tell anyone your word. Write it down.
Then show your words and discuss how they fit together.


Set out a deck of cards.

Each suit represents aspects of life as you flee.
When you play a card, pick either aspect.

spades - respect/power
hearts - bonds/tools
diamonds - wealth/justice
clubs - home/security

Number represents amount of people responsible for the aspect.
Face cards are important individuals.

Describe your character:

Draw 3 cards. 2 aspects are abundant, 1 is deficient.
Keep your cards. You can play them later, swapping for others.
But always 2 abundant, 1 deficient.


In play:

Start clockwise from the youngest.

Draw a hand of 7 cards.
Play 2 cards and set a scene, 1 is gaining an aspect, 1 is forfeit.
Roleplay a scene of 5 minutes.

Another character may play up to 1 card per scene, entering it to give or take an aspect.

If you end with 1 card, play your scene of forfeiture.

This world ends afterwards.

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