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Several Miles From Heaven • 2018 rpg

Sharang Biswas •

First, you and a partner...
...secretly draw one birthmark on two Domains (see below) on each body.

...wear clothing on each Domain.


You are horny teenagers.
You are also burgeoning demigods (though you may not know this).
You will be stripping and telling stories.

NOTE: Consent. Stop Anytime.

* * *

Briefly share who you each are.

On your turn:

- Ask them to strip clothing from one Domain.
- Study their body. Describe the corresponding Adoration.
- They share their corresponding Secret.
- Swap turns. Start again.

When you reveal a birthmark on them, add supernatural hints to your Adorations.

When you reveal two birthmarks on them, stop playing and:
- if one of yours is revealed, your divinities spark. Together, narrate the ensuing, scorching sex.
- if neither of yours is revealed, their divinity gloriously ignites. Narrate your demise.

     Domain  |          Adoration             |            Secret
    Neck     |  Your awkward gesture of love  | A fear about the future

    Torso    | Their sexiest physical feature | An insecurity about their body

    Legs     | A naughty fantasy about them   | An early memory

  Left Hand  |     Kindness they enacted      | A guilty act

  Right Hand |    Cleverness they displayed   | A miserable failure

  Left Foot  |  Pleasant time spent together  | A hope for the future

  Right Foot |      Your first meeting        | A deep fear

Author Comments

Special Thanks: Mark Bosz Nick Tyson Evan Torner Kat Jones Lucian Kahn

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