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Tower of death • 2018 rpg

Janky •

1+ player(s) 
1 gamemaster 
6-sided dice
Jenga tower 

What's going on? Where the hell are you? 
You find yourself on the top floor of Tiny Tower, which ironically has 34 floors. 

You hear screams and suddenly your phone is being blown up by alerts: people are going insane on the streets, killing and eating each other!
You've got to get to a safe haven and find your family... or maybe just get some fresh air and have a smoke. 

The players form an alliance to get out of the tower of death, while the gamemaster provides creative ways of scaring the players, creating intense situations for players to handle and calling for d6 rolls to find useful items.

In intense situations, the players describe their action and have to stack the Jenga tower while under a time limit. Depending on the difficulty and how they handle the situation, they may have less time to do so.
If the tower falls, then death awaits. If the timer reaches zero? Pain. 
When bitten, you must roll a d6 every time someone stacks the tower. 3 or higher turns you into one of them.

Good luck getting out alive!

Author Comments

I had this idea a while back: using cards and a jenga tower to create excitement and luck. The cards was part of a unique card deck and the rule book was about 8 pages describing a lot of additional rules and the setting.

When I heard about this challenge it was easy to cut out all the complicated and unecessary stuff out and the end result is so much better. There’s no reason to complicate things trying to avoid dices and if that’s the case the alternative should be better, which a Jenga tower is for this horror/survival setting.

All in all cutting out pretty much everything made my game better and maybe that’s a good lesson regardless how this competition goes

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