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KPop RPG • 2018 rpg

Paul Padilla •

Concept: A Kpop group gets transported to another realm.

Stats (35 points, Limit 10 in any stat), example Skills (12 points, Limit 3 in any skill):

Vocal - Magical Support (heals, summons, buffs)
Rap - Magical Attacks (evocations, debuffs)
Dance - Physical abilities (swords, laser-guns, traps, locks)
Leadership - Diplomacy, Intimidate, Negotiate, Knowledge: Topic, Initiative
Visuals - Charm, Bluff, Feint
Aegyo (5 + points added) - Use as another Stat once/scene

Tough (hp): (Rap + Dance) / 2

Heart: ((Vocal + Rap + Aegyo) / 3) - Armor
Heart - Temporarily Increase Skill (1/Heart spent), Activate Spell (1), Improve Spell/Heal/Damage (1+ Hearts)

Armor (Base Movement Speed: 6):
None - Armor: 0
Light - Armor: 2, Movement - 1, +1 to all Difficulties
Heavy - Armor: 4, Movement - 2, +2 to all Difficulties

Roles: Players evenly choose Roles until all are taken.  Players with fewer Roles get +1 on two different Stats as compensation.

Roles: Main Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Leader, Visual, Maknae (Aegyo).  Add 2 to Appropriate Stat for each Role, Stat Limit: 13

Testing skills:
GM sets Difficulty, player rolls d6 and adds Stat and Skill to result.

Common Difficulties (typical range - 5 to 20+):
Healing/Spells: 10 + 3*Heart spent
Attacks: 10 + 2*Armor

Damage/Healing: [1 + Heart spent]d6 + skill

Author Comments

Ever wondered how your favorite KPop group would do in a D&D-like setting? Is your Bias better off as a Paladin, a Ranger, or a Mage? Wonder no more and play as your favorite Idols in KPop RPG; or, create your own Idol group to play with!

If leveling up is wanted, the GM can hand out points to put into Skills, Tough, and Heart at whatever rate they deem appropriate.

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