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Demonic Cupcake Failures • 2018 rpg

Pieter van Hiel •

Ghosts have many reasons to haunt us. Forlorn love and revenge are poetic, but some ghosts just have unfinished mundane business. Such is the case with deceased bakers who haunt us in the hope of passing on lost recipes.  In this game, players are paranormal investigators on a reality show about contacting dead bakers and bringing them peace in the afterlife. 

Game requires:
Ouija board
Cupcake recipe

Play happens in six stages:

Players create a paranormal investigator persona.  One player is also the narrator who lays out a scenario. "Grandma's Bakery has been haunted for 30 years by a restless spirit!"
Players take turns expanding on the haunting. "I sense Grandma hated raisins. She burns any raisin cookies baked here."
Use the Ouija board to ask the ghost questions about their history and reason for haunting.  
Ask the ghost for two ingredients to complete the recipe. 
Acquire ingredients (if possible) and bake cupcakes.
Judge the cupcakes.

The success of the show is judged as follows:

Fantastic cupcakes! You contacted the ghost. The spirit can rest.
Terrible cupcakes. You contacted the wrong ghost. Try again!
Impossible cupcakes. You contacted a poltergeist. 
Poisonous cupcakes! You contacted a demon. DO NOT EAT. 

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