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I Can Haz Food? • 2018 rpg

Dan Cox •


You are a cat and you are hungry. You suddenly smell food and turn the corner of an alley to find some other cats have done the same. All of you gather and begin to plot.


Using small tokens, give each player three to start their collection and add three more to the central Food Pile. Add three additional tokens to the Food Pile per player for a minimum of three and up to a maximum of six total players.

 === PLAY ===

Play starts with the player who last ate food and proceeds clockwise.

On their turn, the player must consume (remove from play) one token from either:
their own collection; 
the central Food Pile; or
any other player's food collection.

If a player no longer has food in their own collection, even on another player's turn, they are out of the game. Play continues until only one cat remains.

 === STRATEGY ===

Remember: hungry cats don't share food! You can play conservatively, but other players may not. They may even turn on you! Alliances can be formed and broken at any time. 

Only one cat can win!

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