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Dear Stranger • 2018 rpg

Niccolò Nozzolillo • no link

Character 1
You live in a society that has betrayed your political ideal, your lifestyle or anything else you care for. Censorship will destroy your ideas.
You can't change this society now, but you hope that in the future something will change: so you write letters to a stranger hoping your thought will survive you.

Write the first letter with these rules attached.
Answer the following questions and don't reveal them. (Hidden Information)
- Where do you hide?
- What's your name?
- How do you send letters?

Answer the following questions and write in the letter.
- Which is the hope keeping you alive?
- What's your ideals and the society you're living in?
- What are your Intention? (But don't state them)
- What do you fear about it and what do you want?

Character 2
You are a member of some authority wanting to catch the dissident disagreeing with him or helping him if you agree. Don't reveal it.
If you want to play, answer the letter. Ask him whatever you want. 

When Player 2 asks you about your Intention, if you want a good result give him 1 Hidden Information. 
When all the Hidden Information are over you must stop writing. 

Author Comments

Ispired by The Last letters of Jacopo Ortis by Ugo Foscolo.

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