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PaperBits Showdown • 2018 rpg


Players get one index card, and they have 5 minutes to draw their character on the card. The player is then given 5d10 to assign to features of their character with a maximum of 1d10. The player rolls each d10, assigning the result as HP to that feature. 
Before combat, the DM has 30 seconds per player to draw out as many enemies as they can on post it notes, assigning 1d10 to each of the enemies they manage to create. Enemies must have at least 4 limbs, and one head.  
Combat is simple - the player targets an enemy / post-it with one of the features on their index card. The player then rolls their d10 for that feature against the enemy d10. If the player has the higher number, they destroy the post it. If the enemy wins, they do damage equal to their roll to that features HP. Features that drop to zero HP are erased. The player is considered "dead" if all their limbs assigned dice are all erased. Players may choose to heal by affixing the enemy limbs to their index card if they roll a 10 during combat. 

Author Comments

This game is meant to be played quickly, with Index cards and post it notes available. Beer / Soda is a plus.

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