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Walk About • 2018 rpg

Abigail A'Kessler •

A walking RPG for a GM, 1 player character (P1), and 2 players embodying conflicting desires of that character. The two aspects of the character will attempt to influence the direction P1 chooses to turn.

Left = a decision emphasizing Freedom
Right  = a decision emphasizing Safety
Straight = the default; circumstances will determine your fate instead of choice.

A player will argue for freedom or safety; the third player (P1) breaks the tie. When you cannot agree or run out of time, go straight. You cannot go backwards. You must keep moving.

Begin the game by deciding on a scenario and who you are--your collective character has a measure of authority/influence over others; your decisions affect lives. Perhaps you are a powerful sorcerer, the president, the beta of a wolf pack, or a mother. Begin to walk.

The GM narrates the story as you travel, taking cues directly from the environment (e.i, physical obstacles become obstacles in the story. A river on the left should make choosing freedom difficult). 

Walk until the story is resolved. 

Take note of where you end up. Reflect on the journey. How far did you travel? Was the destination worth the journey?

Author Comments

In many ways this game is about The Destination vs The Journey. Spending a few minutes in contemplation at the end, reflecting on how you got there and if you like where you ended up, is an essential part of the game.

The “Freedom vs Safety” dichotomy could be replaced with another, such as “Autonomy vs Community” or “Trust vs Skepticism” to give a new spin to the game.

This game was co-created with my brother, Richard Arkusinski.

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