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Crumbling • 2018 rpg

Jaye Foster •

Work starts at the bakery at 5am, three hours before it opens.

Describe your role there and your personal problem.
Together describe a problem customer, a problem supplier, a problem recipe, and a problem competitor.

The players take turns to call a scene at the bakery, one for each hour until an hour after it closes at 3pm.

To take an action when the results are dramatically important;

Drop either your compassion muffin or your wisdom muffin from shoulder height.
If it stays intact, you succeed.

Every piece that breaks off larger than your thumbnail is an unfortunate consequence.

Select one piece larger than your thumbnail to continue with. The smaller it is, the lesser your success.
Eat the rest.
Sweep away the crumbs.
Throw away what is left when you finish work.

When there are no pieces big enough, you may continue to take actions, but without wisdom and compassion there is only hardship.

You may only buy new muffins at the start of the day.

Play as many days of work as you can stomach dropped muffins.

Author Comments

The ingredients of the muffin will change how it fragments. Choose carefully.

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