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Many Merry Minstrels • 2018 rpg

Seth Paxton •

Write poems for Patrons: honor Heroes, flatter Nobles, fall in Love. Gain their Favor for fame, wealth, and passion.

Requires: Dice, Index Cards, Pencils

Create Patron Cards - 
Roll two dice: first determines Rhyme Scheme preference,    (A)
second introduces complication, Sum determines difference:  (A)
4-6 Hero, 8-10 Nobel, other: Lover.                         (B) 
With Name and a Quirk you've discovered                     (B)
List each Patron's traits on index cards to reference.      (A)

Rhyme Schemes:

Alternate ------------------------ (ABAB)
Limerick ------------------------- (AABBA)
Couplet -------------------------- (AABB)
Enclosed ------------------------- (ABBA)
Monorhyme ------------------------ (AAAA)
Anti-rhyme ----------------------- (ABCD)


Alliteration --------------------- (same starting sounds)
Simile/Metaphor ------------------ (comparative imagery)
Caesura -------------------------- (dramatic... pause)
Pun ------------------------------ (multiple meanings)
Onomatopoeia --------------------- (sound words)
Portmanteau ---------------------- (combining words)

Display Patron Cards - 
Introduce them to each other,               (A)
Patron's Favor earns fame (Hero),           (B)
wealth (Nobel), or passion (Lover).         (A)
Plan poems to recite tomorrow.              (B)

Pursue Patron's Favor - 
Compose for a patron, collaboration can inspire.         (A)
Once minstrels finish, dawn sets sky afire.              (A)
Go into Town, perform with Favor to acquire.             (A)
Commending creativity, cheers become a choir.            (A)

Acquire Patron's Favor - 
Earn cards if you pursue alone,                    (A)
Add a quirk/complication if multiple follow.       (B)
Describe more Patrons for tomorrow.                (B)
Pursue fame, wealth, passion until two owned.      (A)

Author Comments

I’ve always wanted to make a game about poetry! My biggest goal was to inspire people to work together in their creativity, just like Minstrels sitting around the tavern fire.

If you play with friends but are hesitant in your poetry skills I strongly suggest using online tools like and to keep words flowing. You can also check out a version with more pictures and examples on my itch page:

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