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Because of Mew • 2018 rpg

Kat Miller •

A game about relationships and cats
There has been a break-up. Someone is moving out. Who gets Mew?
3 players. 2 sad people. 1 frustrated cat.

People scenes: Each person has a scene with Mew to try and explain why the break-up is for the best, and confess a secret shame that they think makes them unlovable to the other person. They also try to convince Mew to live with them. Mew decides when the scene is over by leaving that person.

Mew's scenes: Describe Mew disrupting the packing. Everyone should be in these scenes. 
Sad people are negotiating who gets Mew. Mew tries to expose a shame. If Mew can get either of the people to mention anything from their shame the other sad person can demand answers and reconciliation can happen. Mew can end the scene at any time by leaving.

Mew gets two scenes to try to save its people.

The final scene ends either by celebrating with the cat, or by forcing Mew to choose which sad person it loves most.

Author Comments

This looks like fun.

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