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Opioid: The Chronic Pain Clinic • 2018 rpg

Ellipsis •

Make a smaller and a larger group
Smaller group: Private medical practice
Larger group: Patients

Patients make a medical history that also includes chronic pain injurie(s)
Patients are randomly assigned a category:

~Common patient--chronic pain, needs treatment
~Common patient with physiologically dependence--chronic pain and body has become
use to the meds.
~Addict--may/may not have chronic pain injurie(s) that need treatment
~Fake--trying sell pills/does not need treatment. May have past injuries 

Each patient is interviewed by the practice separately
Each patient explains the origin of their injuries and medical history
Dependents and Addicts must state they've been on pain meds in the past
Fake and Common must state that they've never been on pain meds before 

Medical practice discusses the cases and assigns which category
the patient falls into. After categories are assigned by medical practice, each patient reveals their real category.

Patients given points:

+3 points if believed
+2 points faker is labeled common/dependent 
-3 Common/Dependent mislabeled and become addicts

Practice points:
-3 fake labeled common or dependent 
+3 for correct category
+2 catch fake

Author Comments

I based the entry on my experience working in an actual pain clinic for 3 years now.

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