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All's Fair • 2018 rpg

Emma McDonald •

Two to four players

Take the hearts & clubs from a deck of cards.  This is now The Monarch.

Each player should say the name of their character and how they came to the court of The Monarch.

Each player describes an attempt at either provoking war or wooing the Monarch.  They should then draw a card.

Hearts equal successful wooing.  Clubs equal successful provocation.  On a failure narrate how either the Monarch is offended by your gesture of love or how the Monarch responds to provocation with ardent passion.  

If you are successful keep the card.  If not discard it.

Once you have three hearts the Monarch proposes.  Recount how.

Once you have three clubs the Monarch declares war.

Continue play until The Monarch runs out. 

Count out clubs equal to one less than the number of engaged players.  Add a heart. Deal these to the engaged players.  The one who has the heart marries The Monarch.

Count out hearts equal to the number of players at war and add one club. Deal out these to the warring players.  If anyone has the club they conquer The Monarch's kingdom 

All players should now recount how they leave the court.

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