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Sean Smith •

YOU ARE EACH seventeenth century dilettantes. YOU SEEK to woo Lord Byron.

Choose three skills-observation; oration; outdoorsmanship; penmanship; philosophy

Track your ENLIGHTENMENT.  It begins at 88.  When your ENLIGHTENMENT reaches 24, cast off the mind-forged manacles of industrial society and steal Byron's heart.

One player is the George Gordon Master (GGM).  They describe the earth, the mien of its inhabitants, and call for checks when the story demands.

For checks, roll 2d10.  If skilled in the task, put the lowest number first; if unskilled, put the highest first.  The other dice goes second.  If this value is no higher than your ENLIGHTENMENT, the check succeeds.

The GGM calls for a SUBLIME check when you encounter an awesome natural sight or when you roll doubles.  Failing a SUBLIME check lowers your ENLIGHTENMENT score by 1d10.  If the GGM is especially struck by the brilliance of your description, they may invite a SUBLIME check.

BUT WHERE TO GO?  (2d10 and combine)-a peak; a crevasse; a forest; a desert; a cliff; a storm; the sunrise; an hive; a stampede; a waterfall.

WHAT WILL VEX US?  (3d10, in order)-distance; expense; secrecy; peril; rivalry; intoxication; distraction; syphilis; commitments; scandal.

Author Comments

“Sorrow is knowledge, those that know the most must mourn the deepest, the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life.”

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