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Mix-tape • 2018 rpg

Robert Gardner • no link

Each player needs to prepare two songs and add them to a playlist online or even a physical mixtape! 

The goal of the game is to create a narrative that fits the music playing. 

To start the game you shuffle and play the music. If one of your songs is playing, you tell a story until either the song ends or you pass the story on to another player. If you pass the story before the song ends, hit skip track on your music player. 

When a players first song plays, they introduce a character that fits the music, including how he meets all other introduced characters so far. You then progress the story as you wish.

When a players second song plays, they progress the story as usual, but they also have the option to retire their character in a fitting way. The game is over when the playlist finishes. All players then come up with an epilogue for the story.

Author Comments

This game is a love letter to my years as a teenager. I have fond memories of staying up late with friends and lovers, sharing music whilst sat on the floor of dirty bedrooms. In these moments of intimacy, sometimes we talked about what memories or dreams the music conjured up for us.

There are a lot of role-playing games that have a childish wonder, with dragons and swords and spaceships. There are also many games that have adult wonder, a chance to be a better person or conform to difficult ideals. This is my game about teenage wonder.

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