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Rolls of Madness • 2018 rpg

João Diogo Guerra Neves •

The following game is based on true events. Play it at your own risk.
	You, and your friends, are part of a team whose goal is to create a brand of Role Playing games and spread it around the world against all odds.
	The road to success is paved with adversities, from lack of interest from the masses to financial difficulties in starting up your project.
	Before starting the game, roll 3d6. This will represent your mental fortitude. Every time you come across an adversity, roll a d6. 1-3 result in failure and 4-6 result in success. On a failure, roll another d6, add the new value to the failed roll and reduce it from your mental fortitude.
	In this hard times, the only people you can rely on are your teammates. If their mental fortitude is equal or higher than yours, they can attempt to rise your spirits. In this situation, they roll a d6 and the outcome takes over your mental fortitude test, if it succeeds or fails.
	If your mental fortitude reaches 0, you realize that it was all for nothing, the world doesn't deserve it, and you take your own life. 

Author Comments

A very big thank you to my project comrades and specialy to the AUTOR

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