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A Joyous Rebellion • 2018 rpg

Morrigan Crow • no link

Everything is perfect and everyone is happy now that The Unrest has been handled. You are a group of Joy Scouts, chasing dissension and enforcing order. This game is played using a CandyLand board.Move your character (a minj) along  this cooperative narrative. 

+Together, decide: 

Civilization: What is illegal? What is Mandatory? 
Reality: Who is really in charge? What is the price of dissent? 
Your character: What will you lose if you are found to be UNrestful?

The player last in line goes next. 
Only one player on a square at a time (except STOPS) 

+If you land on ___, Narrate your__, take that color card (/INFO)
~Purple: personal crisis. Doubt has taken hold. Get 3 and you actively work to disrupt the system.
~Yellow: discovery of information that will come into play later.
~Blue: losing something 
~Orange: conflict, social
~Green: coonflict, physical
~Red: releasing info that supports your side. 
~Pink: Wild. 

~STOPS: 3 dot squares are JOY CENTERS. Stop here with another player, narrate, and trade INFO with each other. 

End: if every player has 2 of every color and 3 purples, narrate how you take a piece of the system down. If not, narrate your failure.

Author Comments

As players cover up spaces, your story may change. Tell that to the authorities anyway.

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