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Dungeons and Dodecahedrons - A Rules-Lite RPG • 2018 rpg

Charles Mattson •

**Character Creation**
Characters begin with five Merits (defining traits). Merits should generally be one-to-two words, such as "archer", "strong swimmer", "socialite", "champion sleeper". Players should have at least one for social, combat, and exploration situations. The Game-Planner may want to avoid Merits that are too broad.

The Game-Planner presents goals; Characters achieve goals by interacting with the world.

**Conflict Resolution**
Whenever Characters want to do something, but an obstacle exists, conflict occurs. Conflicts are resolved through Difficulty-Checks.

The Game-Planner sets Difficulty-Checks, but may use this guideline:
Easy		- 5+
Medium		- 7+
Hard		- 9+
Legendary	- 12+

Oppose Difficulty-Checks by rolling a twelve-sided die and adding +1 for each relevant Merit; success occurs if the total matches/exceeds the Difficulty-Check.

Demerits are like inverse-Merits. Each Demerit grants +1 to relevant rolls against their owner. Examples include "broken armor", "publicly shamed", "drugged".
	- If damage occurs, apply a Demerit.
	- Characters may attempt (possible Difficulty-Check) applying/removing Demerits from a target.
	- If creatures/objects have five (or more) Demerits, they're considered unconscious/broken.
		- Characters decide what happens to unconscious creatures after successful conflict-resolution.
	- Demerits go away after conflict-resolution.

Characters may advance by gaining more Merits, which should be derived from in-game accomplishments.

Author Comments

I love Dungeons and Dragons, but I wanted to make something that was easy to start playing and lightweight… And I’ll take any excuse to promote usage of twelve-sided dice.

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