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Wetwork • 2018 rpg

Oliver Hong •

Players play as Assassins or Targets. Assassins want to kill all Targets. Targets want to fend off assassins. 

Players pour themselves Water, Caffeine, or Alcohol. 

A player's drink determines their character's archetype:

Caffeine - Clever Assassin: +1 to rolls involving smarts
Alcohol -  Erratic Assassin: +1 to rolls involving force
Water -  Target: +1 to rolls involving self-defense

Player drinking the strongest caffeine is the Leader, they describe each scene, and set goals for Assassins/Targets. They still play their character.

Players drinking water (or the weakest drink) are a Target. Targets have guards and resources. They describe obstacles and complications in the scene.

Player drinking the strongest alcohol acts first when a new scene begins.

Roll 1d6 for uncertain actions:

6 Succeeds
4-5 Succeeds for a price (determined by Leader for Targets, determined by Targets for Assassins)
1-3  Fails (and rolling player drinks)

If a player uses the bathroom, their character is suddenly in life-threatening danger (described by Leader).  Players can attempt to save that character before the player comes back. If they don't, that character dies.

If a player finishes their drink, their character dies.

Game ends when all targets are dead, or all assassins are dead.


Author Comments

Shoutouts to The NYU Game Center, as well as Joe Borrelli and Tori Luce of the Bushwick Writer’s Group!

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