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Void Chaser • 2018 rpg

Alex Rowland • @spookyslag on Twitter

Step 1) Have an anxiety attack
Step 2) Slip onside this reality...
The drug is working - you know its signs: increased heart rate, sweating, rapid breathing, and distorted cognitions. Now go to work. While under its influence the void will reveal itself to you. The somatic symptoms of the drug will guide you, they will attenuate and crescendo like a grotesque internal Geiger counter shepherding you toward the mouth of this tunnel. Follow its invisible map, each action; each thought a Rubicon. You know from your training that this process is misery, but there is no other way - no real way. Drink a glass of water. Now drink another and breathe deeply or the drug may overwhelm you, freezing you, keeping you from your singular objective, leading you out of your tunnel of authenticity.  Do as much and go as far as you can while you are able to feel its pull. Once the pain has faded, the drug has worn off... and it is time to rest. Record this moment, where you are, who you are, take a selfie. Do this every time you take the drug. After a lifetime you will have found the void.

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