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This Rare Fabric • 2018 rpg

Ceri Nicholls •

A game for 4+ deities.


The world is 1d10x10 years old.
Your age is 2d10x100.
Together you have made d100 worlds before, but this is the one that will work.

Over time the population has grown steadily and faith in you has waxed and waned - currently each of you have 500 followers.

In turn each of you performs an action to improve the world, shape it how you see fit.
You roll d100 to see the number of followers you gain as a result of your action.
You roll d100 again to see how many you lose.

The pantheon then discusses the impact your action has upon your fledgling world - the more followers you have the louder your voice.

The next deity then takes their turn.


When a deity has no followers remaining they may no longer take actions but can still discuss the actions of others as part of the pantheon.

If the all the pantheon agree the world no longer needs them then their work is done.
If the world has lost all faith in half the pantheon (rounded down) then all hope is lost and thoughts must turn to starting anew. 

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