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Fortuna Mythica [1-4 players, 20-60 min] • 2018 rpg

Lost Dutchman Software •

Separate playing cards into three piles: faces, red numbers, and black numbers.

One player is the 'Reader'.  The other's' are the protagonist's'.  Protagonists start by drawing a face as their character.

Hardships: Reader draws a face and improvises a Hardship based on the card's meaning.  Protagonists describe how they overcome it. 

Actions: Whenever protagonists describe contestable actions they take, draw a card from red and play it against one Reader draws from black.  Highest number wins, on tie redraw. A bigger numerical difference = greater result.

Players take actions until Reader decides the Hardship is resolved and next Hardship is drawn.

Protagonists: may force a redraw from their character card's color deck once per game.
Jacks get +1 to one draw per Hardship.
Queens get +3 to one draw once per game.
Kings can draw 1 additional card once per game.
Aces can force a Hardship redraw once per game.

Card | Hardship      | Character
JoS  | Duel          | Chivalric
QoS  | War           | Noble
KoS  | Colossus      | Underdog
AoS  | Death         | Lucky
JoC  | Betrayal      | Righteous
QoC  | Conquest      | Ambitious
KoC  | Poison        | Nomad
AoC  | Mystery       | Scholar
JoH  | Hordes        | Officer
QoH  | Assassination | Vigilante
KoH  | Tyrant        | Magus
AoH  | Predation     | Outlaw
JoD  | Attrition     | Gentle
QoD  | Oppression    | Innocent
KoD  | Abomination   | Activist
AoD  | Temptation    | Outsider

Author Comments

Based on the intricate stories woven in tarot’s major arcana as well as the mythical lore surrounding ordinary playing cards, Fortuna Mythical builds epic characters and obstacles by luck of the draw.

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