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Coman Fullard • @ComanFullard on Twitter

You are at the Large Hadron Collider one Friday when calamity strikes. Pick a role. Roll D6 for Causal Points (CPs), the GM rolls for (or invents) the calamity & its cause. Only you can save the world.

ROLE		       SKILL
Security 	                Violence
Administrator 	Bureaucracy
Maintenance 	Engineering
Politician       	Charm
Physicist        	Science
Intern 	        	Athletics

Black Hole - Reality collapsing into the LHC
Evil Alternate Dimension - goateed player-doppelgängers wreak havoc
Dinosaurs - Velociraptors roaming hallways 
Alien Invasion - The fourth kind of encounter. War!
Jean Claude Van Damme - Kickboxing mayhem
Haunting - Covered. In. Ectoplasm.

Marguerita Mix
Emergent AI
Mad Scientist
Time Traveller
Government conspiracy

Players should understand the causation to resolve the calamity. Reward amusing / plausible reasoning with CPs.

Spend CPs to effect the world or roll a D6 test. Add 1 to your roll if using your skill. Other players may pay CPs on your behalf. Fall unconscious when your CPs equal a negative of your starting CP.

Track combined group criticals (successes & failures) & when they reach 6, the calamity escalates. 

1 	        Critical Failure: Fail & lose 1 CP
2 & 3	Failure: Subtract 1 from rerolls
4 & 5	Success
6	        Critical Success: Gain 1 CP

Author Comments

It’s a bad pun - but a replayable game.

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