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Put Away Childish Things • 2018 rpg

Stephen Morffew •

You are a teenager, chatting with classmates after school. You deeply love something that you're sure is only for children. You don't know anyone who shares your passion.


Pick your passion, keep it secret.

3 or 4 players, pick from:
 * those studded building blocks
 * that friendship cartoon

5 or 6 players, add:
 * that colourful martial arts super-team
 * those funny animal comics

More players, add:
 * dinosaurs
 * that tabletop game with dragons

These things are childish and uncool. It's cool to hate them now, but acceptable to admit you liked them when you were a child.


You want to:
 * talk about your passion as much as possible;
 * find someone who shares your interest;
 * prove you're cool and adult.

You must:
 * disparage childish things in conversation;
 * mock anyone whose passion is revealed publicly, even if you share it.

You can:
 * discuss how you liked passions in the past, but, you know, intellectually;
 * probe how others feel or felt about passions.

Secretly gain points:
 * coolness, by disparaging any passion, even yours;
 * satisfaction, by mentioning your own passion positively;
 * participation, by mentioning another passion positively.


You win if you find someone who shares your passion.
You lose if someone mocks you when your passion's revealed.

Author Comments

Thanks to Alberto Muti for alerting me to this contest, telling me to enter it, writing a game that inspired my creativity to do just that, and on top of all that for providing great feedback on the earlier drafts. Thanks also to Michael Duxbury and Emily Savidge for their useful feedback.

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