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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath • 2018 rpg

Florian 'DreamOfRlyeh' Ingels • no link

You've been dreaming of a golden city for several nights. You tried hard to reach its mysterious glowing towers, but every time you woke up. Tonight, you decided to go to Kadath, where lies the Dream Gods, for them to bring you to the city. Just, wait... What is Kadath, exactly ?

During that night, your friends assume the role of the nefastuous Dream Gods. They only want you to fail : one cannot defy their authority ! 

You have ten tokens to assign. They can be Lucidity, its your implication in the Dream. When you run out of them, you wake up and the game is over. Try another night ! Tokens can also be Imagination. They allow you to influence what happens in the Dream.

Only Dream Gods can decide what you encounters during your journey to Kadath. If there is danger, roll a dice. Even, you're safe. Odd, you lose some Lucidity. You can decide to lose one Imagination and automatically succeed. Each token spent makes the Gods angry : the Dream becomes Nightmare. 

You might encounter friend like Cats of Ulthar but be very careful of the enigmatic Dholes, who can take any form and substance to devour your unfortunate soul.

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