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Bakers Revolution • 2018 rpg

Ray Cox •

             This is a game for as many people as you can fit in your kitchen.
We are instigators of the revolution. Old now, but connected by a shared past endeavor.
First you need a cake recipe, a kitchen, your ingredients, and collaborators .

At each stage of the process we'll have conversations about the revolution. The conversations last as long as they need to.

Gather ingredients, talk about what the oppressors took from you.

Mix dry ingredients; talk about the resources you all pulled together to build the revolution.

Mix wet ingredients; talk about the blood you shed and the friends you lost to get this far.

Combine and prepare for baking; What was the final act that signaled the beginning of the revolution? Where were you?

Bake. While you wait for the cake to bake, spend time together as your characters reconnect with your created past. Refine details. Rehash old arguments.

Finishing touches. Ad icing, sprinkle fruit, write the slogan of the revolution on the palace walls.

Eat. Your cake is done, and so is the revolution. Was either satisfying? What has your life been since then? How have things changed? Did you win? Can you?

Author Comments

I want to make a game where the mechanic that drove you forward was preparing food. This was what I settled on with some help from my family; Rachel, Ellery, and Fin.

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