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All the World's a Pencil • 2018 rpg

Nick Kornek •

Famed assassin James Candle has gathered a group of the deadliest, most cunning, and boastful killers in the world for a night of drinks and storytelling at Club Styx, but the denizens of the underworld are a prideful type and constantly seek to outdo each other.

Compete with your friends to see who is the most creative assassin. All you need are the tools of your trade (deck of cards).

Players draw 3 cards. The most mysterious player goes first, then proceed clockwise.
Play a card from your hand to the table. Draw a card to replace it.
Describe how you used all of the cards on the table to accomplish a single kill (order isn't important).
If you can't incorporate a card, you are eliminated.
Last assassin standing wins.

Card Numbers represent the type of weapon and Suits are modifiers

Hearts - Fragile
Diamonds - Tactical
Clubs - Blunt
Spades - Sharp

Ace - School supplies
2 - Home electronics
3 - Sports paraphernalia
4 - Something literary
5 - Halloween Costumes
6 - Podcasting gear
7 - Pet Supplies
8 - Fashionable accessories
9 - LARP Props
10 - Something sexy
Jack - Cooking utensils
Queen - Musical instruments
King - A gun (unloaded)
Joker - Wild

Author Comments

Probably makes a fun drinking game

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