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Captivity of Consciousness • 2018 rpg

Marcelo Paschoalin •

You were all locked down for what you believe. Every day a heavily armed guard appears and takes one of you from the cell -- you never see them again.
Today the guard came, but one of you fought back. Now the guard lies down as your friend died to escape. Yet the cell is unlocked and you may escape... Will you be able to do it?

Select one of you to be the GM and narrate the conflicts and results. The others are now fugitives in this underground complex. Each fugitive has one Specialty they choose.

Give each player (GM included) five tokens. When there's conflict, the involved players hide as many tokens as they want in their hands and reveal simultaneously. Whoever has most tokens wins the conflict (ties are still ties) and handles all revealed tokens to the other involved players equally, keeping the leftovers.
-Specialties act like an extra (virtual) token if they are related to the conflict.

Fight for what you believe. Fight for your freedom. Death is just another prison.

Author Comments

How many of us live locked down in prisons without walls? How many of us are judged everyday by what we believe, what we think, what we are? This game deals with that, as every player-prisoner must gather strength to overcome the conflicts, either by themselves or working together. They don’t know why there are in prison, only they believed in something others considered wrong.

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