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The Blind Leading • 2018 rpg

Rob Nadeau •

For 1 GM + 3-5 Players

You hear screams. People are dying. You live on the fifth floor of apartments for the impaired. You are blind. Escape.

Each player gets notecards. 4, 5, or 6. More = longer game.

Describe your character, write their name on the cards.

Give one to a trusted character, take one from a distrusted character. Shuffle your cards frequently, names ALWAYS hidden.

GM secretly chooses threat: Deaf horrors, hypnosis-induced homicidal rage, cultists, something else (get creative).

GM describes only what is remembered, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted.

Taking a difficult action makes a player "active"

When GM says "You'll need help", all other players must close their eyes and hold out their hands. The active player gives a card to another player, the assistant, who opens their eyes. The Assistant chooses: the given card OR a random card of theirs (returning the given card).

Show chosen notecard to GM without looking, GM will not let you choose an active player's card bearing your name, or a card of yours showing the active player's name.

Destroy the chosen card.

GM can take notecards without revealing names, if character is injured/traumatized.

No cards remaining = Character is killed

Author Comments

I loved the idea of removing visual descriptions, something we lean on so heavily when GMing and playing RPGs. The idea is for the game to inspire growing tension and cause some heartbreaking decisions to be made. I really hope you enjoy. Special thanks to Mike and Giuseppe of the Bookwyrms podcast ( as well as the rest of the Orlando Content Creators Club for feedback and encouragement.

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