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On a 1 to 10 scale, how much do you love me? • 2018 rpg

Khelren •

We're a couple. We love each other. But how strong is our love?

To track the evolution of our relationship, we'll use a graph.
The abscissa 'x' measures time (month1, month2,...). The ordinate 'y' measures how close/distant we are (0-6).
We begin at 0,0.

Each scene spans one month. We'll play twelve months.

One of us rolls 1d6 to frame the scene:
1. Kids' room
2. On vacation
3. Bedroom
4. With friends
5. With family
6. Hospital

Then, we each roll 1d6 to define our goal:
1. Reveal a hidden truth
2. Ask a loaded question
3&4. Discuss a problem
5. Reveal something personal
6. Demand a change

Finally, we each roll 1d6 to alter our measure:
1&2. y=y-1 (min=0)
3. y=y
4&5. y=y+1
6. y=y+2

If we get the same goal, it's a crisis. We yell and say mean things.
Our measures reset accordingly to the die (if we get a 5, then y=5).

If someone reaches +7, we break up.
We jump to the epilogue.

We say how we see our future, together or not.

Author Comments

On a 1 to 10 scale, how much do you love me? A game of mathematics and love

2 players

Thanks to Emily Care-Boss for the Romance trilogy which was inspirational to this entry.

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